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Subluxation degeneration - What is it?

Subluxation of the spine prevents normal joint motion and is a common cause of back pain.

Subluxation stops normal joint motion.

Back pain can be caused by subluxation of the spine

Back pain can result from spinal subluxation.

Perhaps you've never heard of the term before, but Subluxation degeneration is the consequence of untreated vertebral subluxation. Much scientific data show that joints in your spine must move normally (in the right directions and through the full ranges) to remain healthy. Subluxation stops normal joint motion.

There is no direct blood supply to the cartilage surfaces in a joint (there is no space inside a joint for a blood vessel, and the loads a joint bears would squash it anyway).

This means that the cartilage nutrition must come from the “oil” in the joint. This “oil” acts as the “food” as well as lubricant. If the spinal joint movement is restricted, “breakfast” is not served.

The joint cartilage “starves” and decays. Over time it cracks and fragments under loads, instead of being the resilient cushion it was designed to be. Then calcium infiltrates and develops spurs and deformities. Orthodox medicine calls this condition osteoarthritis, or spondylosis.

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That is why chiropractors aim to improve spinal joint movement as they relive nerve interference. It's essential for the well-being of your spinal joints, to try to prevent severe spinal joint decay which can permanently harm your health.

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